Bottle’s Profile

Nickname: Bottle, Botz, Botzy, Milko, Chin

Date of Birth: 16/08/1982

Home Break: Burleigh Heads, QLD, Australia

Height: 6’2

Weight: 88kg

Stance: Regular

Best Ranking: 29

Website: You’re lookin at it!

Signature moves: Round house arcs and love getting barrelled.

Anatomical advantage: Bottle’s chin provides extra downward thrust.


What’s about?

This site is to here to show you, the world, what an incredible lifestyle I’ve been blessed with. It’s like your back stage pass to being a professional surfer.
You’re going to find out pretty quickly that it’s not just about gallivanting around the globe competing on the professional surfing circuit.
I am able to use my travels to experience and embrace culture from all corners of the earth. Hopefully I’m able to grab the the stories and visions of the most beautiful people and places across the globe and bring them right into your home.
Whether you’re a surfer or an adventurer, welcome, I hope you will enjoy my tales. Take a look around, then make sure you get out there to see it for yourself.

Where did you get the nickname Bottle?

When I was ten I got dacked by older local lads, left on top of a shed in Burleigh and had to lay flat for half-an-hour naked until someone threw a piece of clothing to cover up my little package. There were thousands of people around due to a surf contest, and those that got a glimpse of my miniature pipe said it resembled one of those little white milk bottles you get in a $1 lollie bag. Needless to say, the name stuck!

Why do you surf?

I love the lifestyle that comes with being a professional surfer. I love travelling and the globe and being free from the restrictions of working 9 – 5 in an office.
Of course I also love the feeling of surfing, I get stressed out if I don’t get in the ocean every day! It’s cleansing and calming and humbling.
I’ve surfed since I realised it was cooler than body boarding (hehe), my uncle Rod used to take my brother Vaughan and I out at Burleigh Point a lot.  Vaughan was an amazing surfer and I really looked up to him growing up, I guess I wanted to be like him and he has been a big source of inspiration for me.

Where do you see yourself if you were not a professional surfer?

In 2011 I tried the transition in to the office at Reef and managed the athletes for awhile, but I discovered I am definitely an outdoors man.
I love being outside and helping people. So I guess if I wasn’t surfing I would get in to Surf Coaching… I’d do just about anything in the outdoors to keep me out of the office tho.

Favourite Quote?

Treat your family as friends, and your friends as family.

If you ruled the World where would you start?

I would want to hit the two big guys – War and Poverty. I would focus on the Middle East, Africa and Asia…
The world is a big place and every human deserves food, water, shelter and love. Ruling the world would be a big task.

Happiest moment or moments in your life?

Moments when I am with my family, or at a beautiful location with my mates just enjoying the simple things in life.
Of course I was pretty stoked when I made it on to the World Tour for the first time, and I can’t wait to get back there.

Who or what inspires you?

My family and my girlfriend, and more generally – people who are genuine, honest and have big hearts.

Favourite sex position?

I’m not really permitted to comment, but everyone loves being a starfish right…?

Where do you see yourself in 20 years from now?

Probably on a farm with some crazy pets, definitely near the beach, still free to surf and have a great lifestyle. Maybe coaching groms on tour or working at a local high performance surf centre… Maybe travelling and making movies… Who knows where I’ll end up!

Favourite signature dish?

Bottlegnese – my specialty, spaghetti Bolognese made with a bit of chilli and extra love. I also more recently mastered the art of making a slow cooked steak and mushroom pie – that went down pretty well and if you’re vegetarian I do a pretty mean scrambled tofu for breaky too.

Any charities you want to mention?

I recently lost a close friend to depression. Derek Cameron was such a fun, friendly, loving person. His smile could light up the room and he was adored by many. Sadly, there was a lot going on behind that smile that we didn’t know about, and he decided to end his life.
Depression and suicide occur everywhere around the world, they effect people from all walks of life and all nationalities. I believe with greater awareness we can pick up on the signs earlier, help treat people with depression and prevent suicide.

I am going to be getting involved with Beyond Blue and L.i.f.e – the organisations in Australia for Depression and Suicide Prevention. More info will be coming soon to, but for now here are the links  to their websites:

Beyond Blue – Dealing with depression and anxiety in Australia
L.I.F.E – Life is for Everyone

Anything you have bottled up inside that you want to release to the world?

My website – so share it with your friends!

When you look at your chin in the mirror what does it remind you of?

My chin does resemble Ayers Rock or Mount Everest, my girlfriend says it’s masculine… However, my mates are more inclined to think otherwise…

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